Sorry for my English

Февраль 25, 2007 12:50
Sorry for my English. I wanted to write in that language. Why not?

The last few days I feel like a taxi driver. Tired. I better! I am not the way you see me!

I want freedom! More freedom!

Yesterday was warmly. I was on the ice rink. At the ice rink - well. I do not need a cap for the head. Ice skates poor quality. This stuff. Good Saturday.

When warm? I want to walk on vorontsovsky park.

Write in that language is a very difficult. I have a lot of thoughts. But I can not write anything. And I do not want to show full illiteracy. Silence.

«Twin Peaks - Falling» — Simply splendid song, divine! I feel like in the song. From the best side.

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